renee johnson

Specializes in collaborating with corporations, and small business owners who struggle with relations. Her desire to design innovative strategies to influence and motivate through policies and techniques. She enjoys working together to ensure success from what most believe are unattainable goals.

Life is About Strategy


How It's Done

Creating a peace of mind experience every day to enable you to focus on what counts. 1 on 1 training and coaching sessions, that will help you build confidence that you didn’t know existed. Improve your in-person and on-paper presentation using Marketing Tools.

Why It's Done

Every day professionals pledge to bridge gaps but fall short because of inconsistencies. Renee has been on a mission to assist business minds by identifying their problems within an unbalanced market.

Where It's Done

At your convenience, technology is the tool used to globally collaborate with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Utilizing great online processes, guides, and support for daunting challenges.

Developing techniques to encourage positive thinking
and a consistent drive to move forward with clear visions.

0 Years Experience Working

Renee found herself on the journey of becoming a successful business owner. Eventually, identifying the key ingredients to any business success; she became known for recruiting top candidates to help the corporation reach its’ goals. She constantly thanks God for enabling her to manifest the necessary skills and resources to share with you on your journey.

“I Truly Love Working With People, I Love Bringing Positive Energy To The Table!”


Proven Results


Post-Pandemic HR Consultant

I Am Here To Help If You...

Have Insecurities about business.

Don't understand everyday challenges.

Your brand Awareness is struggling.

Need presentation practice.

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